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Welcome to WholesomeAndFit.com


At Wholesome & Fit our mission is to help our customers be the best version of themselves.  We have searched high and low to find the best manufacturers of effective and stylish workout gear and clothing for you and your family. We've curated these finds to make WAF your one stop shop for comfortable and stylish workout gear and clothing.  But to be really Wholesome And Fit you also need the newest and most relaxing pampering aids. So we've found those items too!  

Our Products

Check out our favorite, favorite items from HipS-Sister, the functional and stylish fitness accessories that allow you to take your fitness to a whole new level, all while holding your keys, phones, and credit cards. 

We have products to help you achieve and exceed your fitness goals. If you are looking to Yoga and Pilates or Foam Rollers to alleviate your pain from running, we have products to help you. If you want to really up your at-home fitness routines, look at our Beachbody Programs. At WAF we are HUGE fans of Beachbody videos. Everyone needs some relaxation in their lives, for a well-rounded, WAF body you need to invest as much time and energy into your mental health as you do your physical health.  

You are important, you are strong, and you are worth it.  With WAF workout gear, clothing, and relaxation items you will be able to enhance and support your everyday physical activities. 

WHOLESOME & FIT -- The partner you need along your journey!