Welcome to WholesomeAndFit.com

Due to Covid-19 some manufacturers are challenged by production and distribution disruptions. Please contact wholesomeandfit@gmail.com prior to ordering.


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Welcome to WholesomeAndFit.com


At Wholesome And Fit our mission is to help our customers be the best version of themselves.  At this point in our lives, we've begun to hike, to canoe, to bike, to explore the world. And for these adventures -- we need good clothes, good gear, and good information! At WAF we're working with the best manufacturers of effective and stylish workout and exploration clothing to bring you great options. We're looking at the latest travel gear, so you'll have items that make your explorations memorable. Lastly, we're searching for the best information on where to travel, how to get there, and what to do when you are there. We're curating these finds to make WAF your one stop shop before you travel and explore. This website is a work in progress as we change over from the previous Wholesome and Fit to the new WAF. Please bear with us as we bring more items online. Check back frequently!

Life your life to the fullest in great clothing and with great gear.   

WAF -- The partner you need along your journey!