Shop Exercise Equipment has terrific Exercise Equipment to help you achieve and exceed your fitness goals!

If you are looking for Activity Watches to enhance your runs or an Ergonomics Sensyball to help you complete your work day more comfortably, we can help you with your sports equipment needs.  We carry a great selection of Exercise Balls, Yoga Mats, and much more!

What are your exercise goals? Everyone has different exercise goals and different areas of focus. Some people want to lose weight, some want to gain weight; some people want to tone their body, some want to lose body fat; some people want to run faster, some want to run longer;  some people want to walk a 5K, or lift more weight, or be able to do a regular push-up or pull-up; and some people just want to feel better overall.

Whatever you want to achieve, Wholesome & Fit suggests you start by developing a SMART goal for yourself. A SMART goal will pave your way to success. It will be your road map to accomplishing your goals! SMART is

Specific – Write down exactly what you want to achieve. Have a vision of what you want to reach. This can be done in many forms, a picture, a sticky note on the bathroom mirror, cutouts of body types you are inspired by, etc. Whatever your “end point” is, write it down and make it visible!

Measurable – How do you measure success? Give some thought to how you will recognize success when you see it. What will it success feel like? What will success look like? Whether it is a goal weight, fitting into a goal outfit, a specific muscle measurement, or number of repetitions, put a number to it. This is how you “measure” your success!

Attainable – Push yourself, make it challenging! You’ve got this! Plan out how you are going to accomplish your goal.

Rewarding – Are you going to feel better once you hit your goal? How awesome are you going to look in your new jeans? Make sure your reward is motivational.

Time Frame – Decide if you want to accomplish your goal in one month, three months, nine months, or one year. Regardless of what the time frame is, put a time frame to it and make it happen!

Stay Wholesome, Stay Fit, at WHOLESOME & FIT!!!



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