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 Chin Up Max $39.90

Maximize every minute you spend on the chin-up bar. This tool gives you the right amount of adjustable support to help you strengthen and train muscles as you work toward unassisted moves.


E-Z Curl Bar / Barbell with Weight Set  $129.95

Now you can do more complex movements and recruit more muscle fiber than with dumbbells alone by using the E-Z Curl Bar with weights. It has variable handgrips and a spring-collar system for a comfortable, convenient, more effective workout. Comes with two each of 2.5 lb., 5 lb., 10 lb., and 25 lb. weights for adjustable workout intensity and 2 spring collars with plastic grips to hold the plates tightly in place. Weights are vinyl-coated so they’ll never rust, chip, or need repainting and are designed to be more gentle on any floor than other weights. They can also be used as handheld weights for moves without the bar.

Agility Ladder $19.95

Train like an elite pro athlete with this portable ladder. Sharpen your focus, concentration, and form for quicker, light-footed movement.

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